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April 2014, a time of trials, tribulations & an MIA blogger

April’s been a rough month. We as a nation have been dealing with the aftermath of the horrific mudslide in Washington State, listening intently as the search for the Malaysian airliner continues fruitlessly, railing against the looming threat of the Trans Pacific Pact, the threat to “net neutrality” and waiting breathlessly for the outcome of the grand jury investigation into the allegations of Rick Perry’s abuse of power. More importantly, I have not published one article since last publishing on 5 Apr 2014. As I said, it’s been a rough April.

What on earth, you say? Well, I do have a life. Not much of one but I do have a life. That includes a full time job, exercising to maintain an aging body and caring for an aging parent all the while taking an online course for my job. Notwithstanding, at the urging of my thousands of fans, followers, readers and even some of my critics to say little of the Examiner’s communications manager this piece on elections marks my triumphant return to the electronic pages of the Examiner. Aren’t you glad?

I’ve been blogging for the Examiner since at early summer 2009. That’s quite a while. Among the topics that interest me are two, elections and public policy and so comprise my blogs.

The two are intertwined. In an almost vicious chicken and egg type dance they circle, they whirl making one unsteady on one’s feet and confusing the masses. So is public policy messed up because of the selfish, single issue misanthropes a community at large elects to office or are the selfish, single issue misanthropes in elected office the cause of the disconnected biased, prejudiced and racially discriminating public policy? It’s enough to make even Hamlet’s head spin. And tell me you haven’t been keeping up with Hamlet’s round the globe revival.

As my adoring fans know, I don’t do the mind-numbing number’s crunching on elections night. There are countless dweebs ready, willing and able to do that. I don’t analyze the individuals running for office. I don’t need to. Given the historical fact of election rigging, the number’s crunching thing may be both a waste of time and just an illusion to keep a restive public busily distracted.

There are only two forces that drive humanity; need and greed. The late, great Abraham Maslow believed that maybe two percent of the world’s population ever achieved “self-actualization.” I believe Maslow was an optimist.

Most, if not all, people running for elected office are not doing so out of some “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” altruism. They are victims of the God syndrome, narcissistic, greedy bastards or capitalist extremists. There’s no guess work. They are all in it for themselves. No doubt some of you are thinking, maybe saying it out loud, "Bob what are you saying?" You're likely the same people who thought or even think President Obama is a "liberal." As if "liberal" is a evil as they money has taught you to believe. Be that as it may Mr. Obama is no "liberal." He never has been.

I’ve been the campaign manager. I’ve done the block work, the phone banks and the smoke-filled back rooms. Not once, twice or even a few times. My participation in the democratic, political process began while I was still in high school. It’s included all manner of political campaigns from local to national.

The one thing that has changed in all that time is the public's awareness level of just how big a role money plays in the US “elections” process. The awareness is largely due to technology. Big money has always been there self-interested, self-promoting and almost always not in the nation’s best interest. Read some raw history not the pabulum that passes for history. Disabuse yourself.

Money is the mother’s milk of politics. It’s just that now mother’s teat is no longer mother’s teat. It resembles a fire hydrant in more ways than one and aspiring power hungry misanthropes are lined up at the ready to get on their knees cajole and guzzle. The monied are at the ready as well, poised to deliver in exchange for influence and loyalty. It’s a Tony Soprano type arrangement.

Don’t take my word for it. Read. Listen. Question. Challenge. It doesn’t have to be this way.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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