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April 2, 2010: Altered Esthetics Release Party for Burgy & Klonowski's 'Continuity Guy'

This Friday, April 2nd, from 7 to 10 p.m., the Altered Esthetics Gallery will be hosting a release party for the graphic novella of Continuity Guy, written by Danno Klonowski and drawn by Bud Burgy, both mainstays of the local comics scene and participants in the International Comics Conspiracy. Both of the esteemed creators will be there, selling copies of the book and original artwork. The 45(?)-page book, featuring another chapter in the madcap adventures of the titular time-traveler with no regard for historical accuracy, also has a lovely cover by Kevin "Not Related to Zander" Cannon, of the Big Time Attic studio.

I'll be honest with you folks: as much as I'm hip to Klonowski's and Burgy's jive, I didn't actually know about this story until just a little while ago. But the peanut-butter-and-chocolate greatness of their collaboration was all the incentive I needed to jump into the comic--all of which, incidentally, can be read here or on Burgy's website, although maybe I shouldn't advertise the release of a book by advertising where potential readers can obtain its contents for free.

(Normally a story like this would also be accompanied by some of the excellent art from the book, but apparently the Examiner publishing tool has the hiccups and I can't load photos right now. Instead, visit one of the sites linked in this article and you should find some samples from the project.)

For more info:

Danno Klonowski's website

Bud Burgy's website

Altered Esthetics info page


  • Bud 5 years ago

    T-Thanks for the promo! By all means, read it for free!! It may require multiple reads anyway. Even as of yesterday, I found myself asking Danno questions about the story of which I drew....

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