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April 19-24---Wicked Sex, Revenge, and Farewells in Pine Valley

There's only one word to describe Marissa ---boring
There's only one word to describe Marissa ---boring

All in all the week of April 19-24 presented the audience with many visual treats from the past and two great send-offs for Palmer (James Mitchell), Adam (David Canary) and Brooke (Julia Barr). Aside from the good-byes to beloved characters, romance was on the AMC canvas with flashbacks and flashforwards for Erica (Susan Lucci) and Jackson (Walt Wiley).

Aside from those delicious moments, the t.v. screen was positively smoking with love scenes between Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig) and new hubby, Dr. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry).  Greenlee has been hesitant to seal the sexual deal with Dr. Dastardly until they struck a new bargain to bring down Pine Valley's elite. Dr. Angela Hubbard (Debbi Morgan) and company from Pine Valley Hospital succeeded in having David's medical license revoked, and while Angie, Jake Martin (Ricky Paull Goldin) and Frankie (Z. Wright) are out celebrating the supposed demise of David Hayward, he and Greenlee have decided to buy Pine Valley Hospital. This contract between husband and wife has apparently made David absolutely irrisistable to Greens.

Before succumbing to making love in front of the fireplace, David confronted Greenlee by saying, "If you do this, I want all of you, mind, body, and soul." Talk about prophetic in terms of selling one's soul to the devil! However, what carried this moment so beautifully was Irizarry's absolute vulnerability as he begged Greenlee to love him the way he thinks he needs to be loved. And while the doe eyed beauty delivered the goods to her husband, we know that one of these days she will wake up from her current fugue state and realize she still loves Ryan (Cameron Matheson). Therefore, in this smoking moment of passion, the audience can't help but be aware that David will almost for sure be emotionally devastated again. Of course, since Greenlee and David do make such a dynamic couple, this prognostication could be wrong, but  . . . after all, it's All My Children.

Also steaming up the screen were J.R. Chandler (Jacob Young) and Annie Lavery Chandler (Melissa Claire Egan).  What started as a plot to undo Adam's marriage to Annie (a ploy which was extremely successful as Dad left town with Brooke), J.R. has now found himself horrifically attracted to killer Annie, who taunted him by saying, "Sure Marissa (Briattany Allen) is sweet and pretty, but let's face it, she's boring, and what we have is hot." Annie sure nailed it on that comment, and we even witnessed J.R. snapping at the incredibly whiny and dull Marissa for fawning all over him. He was immediately remorseful for his unkind remarks, but the truth is, Annie brings out the worst in J.R. and that's what AMC needs.

So, hanging in the wings now are the potential for two viscious duos that can wreak havoc on Pine Valley. A love/hate relationship between J.R. and Annie as they try to figure out who will run Chandler enterprises and the marriage between two revenge seekers in Greenlee and David will fill the void lett by Adam and Palmer's departures from Pine Valley. These characters are so horrible that they are wonderful, and the sex is positively . . . stimulating, steamy, and wicked.


  • leah 5 years ago

    i cant believe i missed all of that!!! especially greenlee and david!...i knew it would happen sooner or later though.

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