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April 17 is "Husband Appreciation Day"!

A steak would be a great way to start Husband Appreciation Day!
A steak would be a great way to start Husband Appreciation Day!

Husbands, do you feel appreciated?  How long has it been since your wife honored you for your hard work and sacrifices for the family?

Well, men, tomorrow is your day, Husband Appreciation Day 2010!  So, just relax on the couch, go to the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Denton with your buddies, or go fishing right?  You deserve it don't you?

Many men feel comfortable with a little "me time" to compensate them for their sacrifices as a family man.  However, men seem to struggle with recognition from their loved ones.  Why would men ask for the rewards of being great husbands/fathers, but not want to be singled out for it?

  1. They don't understand how important they are.  Sometimes men just don't understand how important their roles as husband, father, uncle, or son are, only seeing these roles as a duty.  In fact, these roles are their duty, but someone who does their job well every day deserves recognition.
  2. They feel guilty for not appreciating the efforts of their loved ones.  Wives, mothers, fathers, and even children make sacrifices as well, and sometimes men take those for granted, just like they downplay their own efforts.  Men struggle with guilt when they are appreciated on Father's Day or a birthday, but don't return the favor to those around them.
  3. They are too busy to slow down for appreciation.  Just like it's hard to hit a moving target, your family will have a hard time appreciating a moving target.  Men can go so long without feeling appreciated and become bitter, simply because they never give anyone a chance to tell them how important they are.

So, husbands, fathers, and all men, slow down today, drop your guilt, and reflect on how much you sacrifice for others.  Let them show you their appreciation.

But be ready because now that they've recognized you, you have to remember Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Grandparent's Day, Teach Your Daughter to Volunteer Day...

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  • Réne Girard (Ft. Worth Christianity & Culture 5 years ago

    I'll be sure to forward this to my wife :-) She treats me well but it's nice to know tomorrow is "my" day! Thanks for the article!

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