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April 16 in Canadian history

This is the week that the Stanley Cup playoffs get underway, with 16 teams now in the running for the storied trophy, while 14 others sit at home, fire their coaches, re-arrange their deck chairs and tell their fans to "wait until next year."

Some Canadian hockey fans will be entering playoff pools and growing playoff beards while a few others will once again moan and groan and whine about how there is only one "Canadian" team in the post-season (Montreal Canadiens), but we will leave that topic alone for now.

Let's look back at some past playoff events. Funny that the playoffs this year are just beginning while on April 16th of 1949, 1954 and 1957, for examples, the tournaments were over.

On April 16th of '49 the Leafs won the Cup for the third straight season, beating Detroit in four games.

In 1954 the Red Wings, with Gordie Howe and his gang, took the Cup in seven games over Montreal.

And on April 16th in 1957, Montreal took Boston in 5 games to earn the right to hoist the trophy.

On a sadder note on April 16th, 1945, a U-Boat named 190 sunk the HMCS Equimalt just off the entrance to Halifax harbour, and 44 Canadian sailors went down with their ship. The war ended a few weeks later.

And that is the way it was on April 16th in Canadian history.

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