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Apricot Lane stores are mother and daughters run, perfect for Mother's Day

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The following families work together to run stores geared towards fashionable people who want to look their best. Being family run, you're sure to find a warm environment and it makes it the best place to go Mother's Day shopping with your own mother, or woman in your life! Here's what the owners had to say about working with family and Apricot Lane! Use the website to find the closest location to you, or in the meantime you can shop from the stores Facebook pages as well.

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Cristi Hargroves: Apricot Lane Boutique Store Owner

Locations: Bee Cave, TX, Branson, Missouri, Fort Worth, TX, Highland Village, TX, Allen, TX, Katy, TX, Little rock, AR, Ridgeland, MS, Kansas City, MO, Oklahoma City,OK, Midland, TX, Wichita Falls, TX, Anaheim, CA, Tulsa, OK.

How has it been working with family?

I have really enjoyed working with my girls. It has been fun watching them learn the business from the inside out. Don't get me wrong, we sometimes have our moments! We use them all the time to bounce things around from inventory, to social media to merchandising. I love having them work so closely with the company.

How do you feel your brand appealing to both mothers and daughters alike?

We carry styles, colors and fits that appeal and are suitable for a broad range of ages. Most of our styles can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on what's appropriate for a particular age and how it's accessorized. For example, a shorter style might be worn as a dress by a daughter, but if worn belted and over skinny jeans or leggings would be appropriate for a mother. Our staff is trained to help customers interpret what works on all ages.

With mother's day approaching, how do you hope to appeal to daughters doing their shopping at your store?

We are a fashion destination and we know daughters want their mothers to look fashionable and stylish. We also know that daughters don't want mothers who are trying to dress they same way they do. We outfit and accessorize many of our mannequins and displays in ways that "moms" and more mature women would like to dress. Our staff is ready to make suggestions for mother's days to both daughters and husbands alike.

Cathy, Allison and Lauren Young Apricot Lane Boutique Owners
Locations: Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX

How has it been working with family?

For us, it's the best thing that could ever be! We love working together and getting to be so close. Having the opportunity to create family memories and experiences on a daily basis is something that we are so grateful for. We've grown accustom to this dynamic, and we share an unconditional respect for each other and our individual talents. Experiencing the benefits of our hard work, together as a family, is the greatest feeling there is.

How do you feel your brand appealing to both mothers and daughters alike?

One of the unique things about our business is that we make it a point to do the buying together. Being at different points in our lives and each having our individual unique style, we are able to offer merchandise for a wide age range of women. Our target market is a natural fit, being a mother/daughter team, our inventory consists of items that we each picked out and would wear ourselves!

With Mother's Day approaching, how do you hope to appeal to daughters doing their shopping at your store?

We hope to be able to offer an atmosphere where mothers and daughters can truly shop together and both have a fun experience to share- unlike the large department stores when moms and daughters have to split up then meet later again at Apricot Lane they truly can shop together in the boutique making it all the more fun and a bonding moment they can enjoy. Its great to be able to see the mothers trying on outfits for their daughters and asking opinions and vice versa and being able to offer looks that appeal to both age ranges!

Jena Green and Renee Dixon, Apricot Lane Boutique Owners

Locations: Peoria, IL, Bloomington/Normal, IL and Champaign, IL

How has it been working with family?

We are very blessed to have an opportunity to work together. It obviously has its challenges, but for the most part we all have our areas of expertise that we bring to the table.

How do you feel your brand appealing to both mothers and daughters alike?

I feel that we do a good job appealing to both. When you use the term "mother" you can very easily be talking about a mother who is 50 or a mother like myself who is 29. Either way, there is something in the store for everyone. We do a great job of photo'ing our clothing on our Facebook page showing younger style & more conservative style for moms. Mothers still want to be "trendy", it is just all in the delivery of the outfit!

With Mother's Day approaching, how do you hope to appeal to daughters doing their shopping at your store?

We have a variety of jewelry lines that are very meaningful that will be great to give moms. We also have gift cards so they can find a little something for themselves :)



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