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Apps World 2014- San Francisco

Steve Wozniak at Apps World 2014
Steve Wozniak at Apps World 2014
Apps world

This week I attended Apps World in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Though this conference is mostly for start-ups and developers I thought I would attend and see what new apps are out there. The first keynote was with Steve Wozniak and I was excited to hear him speak about Creativity and Innovation in the APP Landscape. The one thing that stuck out of this keynote is his passion for innovation and product/ app development. He explained once a person gets an idea in their head and has a personal reason to achieve the goal they are more than likely to achieve it.

He gave a great example of this when he worked at Apple. He really wanted to go to CES “to see the lights” but at the time only Jobs went to these events. Cleverly Woz thought of a way he could go to the 1978 CES for free. Through his determination and personal reason to go to CES Woz worked day and night creating the floppy for the Apple 2. In the end Woz went to the 1978 Consumer Electronics Show and demo’d the floppy for the Apple 2 (and got to see the bright lights he worked hard for).

A few other take backs from the keynote was Woz’s opinion on cloud were he believes it has taken away privacy and how he prefers to know when he is having a conversation with his wife it’s only between them not the world of cloud. He also expressed how he would love to see more innovation with Siri and artificial intelligence to where it understands a person even if there is a stutter or make an error (ie: “Siri I need 5 wait I mean 6 eggs” and Siri automatically knows you mean 6).

Woz definitely motivated and inspired young developers and entrepreneurs at Apps World to keep innovating and developing. After his keynote I spoke with a few developers that also attended the keynote. One of them said as developer there are days she wanted to give up or wonder if her product/ app will make it. After attending the key note she said this just gave her more motivation to keep working hard and developing innovative apps. To see a short clip of the Wozniak interview click here to my youtube channel.

I went to many booths while at Apps World but here are the top 5 that I personally liked. Please note I haven’t had a chance to use these apps in depth since I just downloaded them. A more in-depth review of the apps will post on in the next coming weeks.

TheFind is a cool shopping app that works in a multi-channel environment to personalize the shopping experience. The way TheFind works is simple; just search for a product and it will pull up several variations (ie: I searched plaid shirt and it came up with different colors and cuts of a plaid shirt), top stores that carry it, and the different prices. You can then narrow your search by price, color, brand, stores (local or online) that carry it. If you’re ready to purchase the site will go directly to stores website (like a Target) to complete the transaction. Users can store their credit card information on TheFind and it can be used on any of the websites from your search to make shopping easier. TheFind is the most efficient way to shop for a product based on your personal preferences, brands and price. You can also track packages and look at previous purchases

Yummly is by far going to be one of the most useful apps for cooking. Where was this when I was trying to make a vegan dish for thanksgiving or a creative dish for the super bowl? Yummly lets you search recipes by holiday, cuisine, taste, diet, nutrition, allergy, cook time, technique, and more. The database has over one million recipes worldwide from several different websites. Users can also search for one ingredient and find several recipes and different ways to prepare it. The Yummly app also stores your personal preferences, past recipes you liked (Yum), and allows you to share with friends.

I visited the Dolby booth not knowing exactly how a brand typically known for its audio in film was doing at Apps World. Introducing Dolby Digital Plus which creates a surround sound experience through your device speakers and headphones. I had a chance to have a demo of the difference between the Kindle Fire HDX with and without using Dolby Digital Plus. It was interesting to hear the difference; it wasn’t even a small difference it was a HUGE difference. Currently Dolby Digital Plus is only on the Kindle Fire HDX and I am told it will also be on the Samsung Nexus as well.

While I was looking for another booth I stumbled upon the Mapjam booth. Mapjam is a web and mobile map publishing platform that allows businesses, organizations, and people to create useful, personalized maps that are easy to share. This app is perfect for someone like me who is always planning or attending events and traveling. The Mapjams app helps you locate points of interest, free visitor parking lot, the right mall entrance, a coffee shop for a meeting, a stall at a busy market, or even the right street where several of the same names exist in cities and suburbs. Using subpins you can create your own personalized map and then share it with your friends or on social networks.

Revel is a live, multiplayer, picture game better described to me as a social media picture scavenger hunt. Users create a game, choose a theme (ie: nightclub), add friends, and start playing. When you begin you will be brought to grid like screen with pictures matching the theme. Click on the picture subject (ie: find some heals) and then the user takes pictures matching the subject. I haven’t started a Revel game yet and hope to test that out over the weekend!

All and all I thought Apps world was a great learning experience though at times a bit over my head. Again I will be testing out the apps in more depth in the next coming week and will post my reviews on cutegeek.

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