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Apps links and books to help with homework

Homework Apps:

1.	Set a regular time every day for homework.
1. Set a regular time every day for homework.
R. R. Cratty & Public Domain
Apps links and books to help with homework
R. R. Cratty & Public Domain

Educational apps have the ability to make homework and learning in all areas easier, entertaining, and portable for families. With all the app choices on today’s market it becomes a job to find exactly the app your child needs.

First ask:

What is your child’s need?

How safe is it for them to use this app alone?

Will this app work on the device your child will be using?

  • Khan Academy. Khan Academy is on the forefront of open source education. They provide free video lessons, more than 3000, generally 10 minutes or less. Topics include math, science, finance, economics, history, civics, art history, and more. You can use this app or access them through the website at This app, allows students to review a subject/ process/concept until they understand. For K-12 students.
  • Book apps. With Book apps your child will be able to browse their own library bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, bookmark or add notes to passages. There are plenty out there depending on the device at your child’s disposal, as well as their reading levels. You can get the Kindle app that allows you to read any book you want, news apps, sports apps, your local library may even have an app. iBooks is a good choice for those with iPads.
  • Mathemagica, by Remarkable, is an app that promotes critical thinking skills. This is a new generation in the app world; it automatically adapts itself to each individual’s level and gradually raises the intensity of the activity accordingly. Keeping your child constantly challenged, areas of weakness are detected, and then they are given more questions in those areas. 1st through 6th grade curriculum.

For tracking homework look into:

iStudiez Pro: iPhone, iPad; $1.99

iHomework: iPhone, iPad; $1.99

Evernote plug-in Everstudent: Android; Free

Homework Links:

Homework Books:


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