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Apps for Art? Adobe has them

New apps from Adobe
New apps from Adobe

Adobe announced several software updates to their desktop and mobile apps as well as unveiling some hardware devices on June 18, 2014. Don't worry if you missed the keynote address, we have you covered with a summary of the photography-related news from that 2 hour demonstration.

Adobe surveyed creative professionals (photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, etc) and compiled the following findings:

  • 80% wanted to learn new techniques
  • 75% felt the need to be inter-disciplinary
  • Trending: The pressure is on to create more, as fast as possible.
  • More than half are motivated intrinsically (ie want to create great work and learn new things) vs monetary based goals (ie financial rewards or employer recognition)
  • Social media is a rising source of inspiration compared to traditional sources

Adobe Photoshop CC has some fantastic new features. There are new blur effects and a focus mask for enhancing depth of field. In addition, the Perspective Warp is great for fixing the converging lines that plague architectural photography. Smart objects are also added. This will save part of the photo for layering purposes. Photoshop has become more of a non-destructive editing process and more content aware, too.

Also, there's marketing assets added to the benefits of Creative Cloud. It includes thousands of free stock photos that can be used for layering or design purposes. Another great feature is that there is an online gallery for each user that can be shared with clients.

Adobe Photoshop Mix was announced as a new iPad app with elements from Photoshop and Lightroom. An example of its magically fast editing features is content aware fill. An awesome demo of this showed a picture of a dog on a beach. They circled the dog and poof, the dog was gone and the beach was filled in where the dog was- instantly! Amazing.

Adobe Lightroom is now available on iPhone! Adobe pointed out that the iPhone is the most commonly used camera on Flickr.

You can get the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $9.99 a month and it includes both Photoshop and Lightroom (on desktop and the mobile app equivalents for iPad and iPhone). This is a great deal for students, professionals or anyone that enjoys photography.

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