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Appreciate your perfect uniqueness


Playing together

You have heard someone say or possibly these words have crossed your own lips – “If only I could be like them." Gerry Spence mentions this phrase in his book, “How to Argue and Win  Every Time”. He goes on with a comment on that phrase, “…such lamentations are a wish for death, for in order to be like another we must relinquish our own perfect uniqueness. Still some protest they have no authority. But I say we are the only authority—for ourselves.” It is important that each of us celebrate our individuality; to accept or reject those unique characteristics that we find are true or are not true for each one of us.
Why is it so refreshing to hear an innocent, unfiltered observation or opinion from a child? What is so attractive when we hear these things from children is that connection to the inner song that our heart sings. That “song” was sung everyday in the carefree days of our youth filled with adventure and new discoveries. If we take the time to listen, we can pick up on a child’s connection to unconditional wisdom. Children have an effortless ability to tap into their own uniqueness. What's come from their mouth hasn’t been biased by all the defenses and filters that have been imposed upon us, over the years, by the well-meaning and also not-so-well-meaning influences of the world we have been living in. We all have had the opportunity to run across people who have managed to hold on to their connection to the unique personality that they were born with. Their effect on a group is magnetic.

Most of us have been locked in our mental closets by the habits and lifestyle that we have developed from our environment so that we “fit in”. But the key to our freedom is in our hands. We need only give ourselves permission to unlock the doors we fashioned from our fear of the unknown and decide to break through the comfortable boundaries that we have allowed ourselves to be surrounded with. Recognizing our fear confirms life and affirms us to ourselves. At times we shrink from its pain. But we can choose to experience fear’s energy and convert its power to our power.


  • Barbara 5 years ago

    really wonderful article. I loved reading it. yahoo to you!