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Applying for a job is like dating - part 1 - submitting the resume

Candlelight dinner
Candlelight dinner

Your resume is a reflection of you, it is the employers first look at who you are. It could either be love at first sight, or no thanks, I'll keep looking. After
reading my last article, It's a resume, not a dating profile, it may appear that I am contradicting myself. Rest assure that I'm not. By observing the hiring process, as both an applicant and an employer, I noticed some similarities between hiring and dating.

Submitting a resume is like the beginning stages of getting set up on a blind date. Most of the time you don't know much about the person and the person that you are being set up with, knows little or nothing about you. The same is true when you initially apply at a company.

First things first
The first thing you ask your friend when they are trying to set you up on a
blind date is, how does he/she look. If they say he/she has a great personality,
there is a good chance you will say, "no thanks." This can be compared to an employer's initial screening of resumes. They take a quick look at the resume, they look for typos, misspelled words, grammatical errors and look to see if the person meets the minimum qualifications. If the person doesn't pass all these checks, they move on. However, if the person passes this initial screening stage, there is a good chance they will move to the
next portion of the screening process.

Step Two
If your friend says the person is attractive, then you get as much detail as
you can about the person prior to meeting them. You want to be sure
this person is going to be worth your time, and there is a possibility you will
be attracted to them. This is what employers do when they look at your
resume. They look to see if you have most of the qualities they are looking
for, so they don't waste their time. This is why you should give as much detail about
your relevant experience as you can. You want them to see you as someone with

Final Note
In dating, there are people with different degrees of selectivity,
perfection seekers, very picky, picky, somewhat picky or desperate. Hiring
managers are no different, they all fall into one of these categories.

The perfection seeker wants that one in a million candidate and will not be
happy with anything less. Don't be discouraged by them. After all, if they
want perfection in a candidate, what do you think they want from you if you are

Very picky and somewhat picky hiring managers are reasonable and want to
make sure that the person not only has the skills and abilities to do the position, but
that the person fits well within their department and organization. These are the reasonable hiring manager's they know the type of person they need.

The desperate hiring manager may seem like a good thing for you as a job seeker,
but many times, these hiring managers are just looking for a warm
body and don't really find out if the person can truly fit the position or fit
in with the ways of the company. Because of this, the employee typically
doesn't stay long in the organization.


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