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Appliances and Your Money: Cash for Clunkers...I mean Appliances?

If you've heard of or even benefited from the Cash for Clunkers or CARS program, then you will love the new Cash for Appliances program. The government sponsored Appliance Rebate Program just came to Georgia TODAY. This rebate program is offering from $25-$199 in cash rebates (via a Prepaid Visa Card) with one rebate per appliance and up to $1200 per household.

My father mentioned this program to me earlier today because we are in the market for a new dishwasher. This program came right on time! Now just like the Cash for Clunkers program, these rebates are only cost effective if you need to replace your appliances. (Note: Need to and want to are not synonymous!) For anyone that is in the market for new energy-effiicient appliances and would otherwise recycle or toss the old ones, this program is for you. This is not for you however if your appliances are fairly new and could sell them at a higher cost (see or

There are 20 qualified appliances that are available for the rebate in Georgia:


  • Freezers - $25
  • Refrigerators - $50
  • Clothes washers (MEF greater than 1.8, WF less than 7.5) - $50
  • Clothes washers (MEF greater than 2.0, WF less than 6.0) - $99
  • Dishwashers (less than 324 kWh/year, less than 5.8 gallons per cycle) - $50
  • Dishwashers (less than 307 kWh/year, less than 5.0 gallons per cycle) - $99

Heating & Cooling Equipment:

  • Room air conditioners - $30
  • Center air conditioners - $99
  • Oil furnaces - $99
  • Air source heat pumps - $199
  • Gas furnaces - $199
  • Oil burners - $199
  • Gas boilers - $199

Water Heaters:

  • Water heater gas storage (EF > 0.62) - $50
  • Water heater gas storage (EF > 0.67) - $99
  • Water heater gas condensing - $99
  • Water heater electric heat pump - $199
  • Water heater gas tankless - $199
  • Water heater solar (electric backup) - $199
  • Water heater solar (electric backup) - $199

You can find more information about the program at and you can learn more about the Energy Star appliances at And if this even remotely sounds like something you are interested in - check it out today! This program is only open for 20 days and there are $8,560,084 funds remaining (started at $8,642,490 this morning). When it's gone, it's gone. A few items to note:

  • Online purchases do not qualify! You must go into the store and purchase the appliance(s)
  • Out of state purchases do not qualify! You must purchase from a Georgia retailer
  • Once you have complete your purchase, apply for your rebate online at or by calling 1-866-296-1633
  • Make sure to recycle your old appliances once they have been replaced. Check out the GA Rebate Rules page for options on places to recycle your stuff. Or, find someone that needs free stuff on

So, now you and your Valentine have something to do this weekend, once the snow melts! Happy Appliance Hunting and maybe I will see you while I am picking out my new dishwasher!


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