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Appletters: A fun way to learn words and increase vocabulary

Appletters: Fun with words
Appletters: Fun with words

A rich vocabulary is one of the best general indicators of intelligence. The vocabulary difference between low and high achieving students is estimated to be about 5000 words.  The difference has more to do with regular exposure than with innate intelligence; therefore, building knowledge with vocabulary activities can lead to improved academic success.

Fun with words

One new fun game for building vocabulary, made by Bananagrams, is Appletters. Appletters comes in an apple shaped pouch which contains 110 tiles with red capital letters. Each player picks 9 tiles, the first player lays down a word of their choice and then play proceeds in a domino-like fashion in which each player adds a word which must attach to the first or last letter of the word(s) in play. They call this connection of words the Snake(seems like you would more likely find a worm in the apple). The Snake must remain one tile wide to prevent grid lock. If a player can not make a word, they pick 3 tiles from the Core(the remaining tiles). Play continues until a player uses all their letters and becomes the winner and announces " How do you like them apples?".

The directions are very clear and provide a variety of play options for different ages and skill levels. Some of the variations of the game include challenging the spelling of a word. Make sure that  dictionaries and thesauruses are always available when playing word games.

Appletters can be played with two to six players and is for ages six to adult.  The letter tiles, which can be used in many many ways at home and in a classroom, makes this a good educational investment.  Its' portability makes it a great bring-along to holiday gatherings.

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