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Apples fail pesticide test

Organic apples at Austrailian festival.
Organic apples at Austrailian festival.
Photo by Handout

Apples top EWG's Dirty Dozen list for 2014. Environmental Working Group releases a shopper's guide every year detailing the pesticides found in produce in grocery stores across America.

Apples tested positive for diphenylamine (DPA). It is a chemical pesticides (and fungicide) that is used on fruits and vegetables to allow them to be stored in a cold environment before being shipped to grocery stores. It also prevents brown spots. Some of the apples tested were stored for up to a year before being shipped.

DPA can cause changes in the liver and kidneys. It targets red blood cells and can cause congestion of the spleen.

In Zone 8 (Waco, Temple), apples are in season from early June until late November. The Environmental Working Group suggests buying the certified organic varieties instead of the conventionally grown produce. Other produce topping the Dirty Dozen list include cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and grapes.

A study conducted by RMIT University found that eating an organic diet for one week can reduce the amount of pesticides in adults by eighty nine percent. The study concludes that, because of the large drop, people are consuming pesticides in their foods.