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Apple WWDC 2014: The updates so far

Updates from Apple's WWDC 2014
Updates from Apple's WWDC 2014
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference for 2014 is well underway. The keynote is currently taking place on June 2, 2014. There have been a number of updates to Apple's products and the Ipad & Iphone ecosystem. Here are some of the biggest updates that have been announced so far.

  • New Icloud Pricing: If you like using Icloud for storing photos and other content, you might be interested in the new pricing that is available for the service. The first 5 GB of storage are free, followed by 20GB for $.99 per month, and 200 GB for $3.99 per month.
  • Application Bundles: In what is surely a welcome move for some application aficionados, the app store will now offer bundles pricing for a group of related apps. This will allow for potential saving for those who may be looking at buying an entire series or set of applications.
  • App Previews: Sometimes it can be difficult to see if an application is worth downloading based on pictures alone. App previews is a new feature that will allow app developers to upload a short video of their program in action on the product description page. This will no doubt help potential buyers make more informed decisions and weed out some of those applications that did not work as advertised.
  • Family Sharing & Permissions: This surely welcome feature will make it much easier for parent to keep track of app purchases. It seems like every few weeks we see a news story about a toddler who managed to spend a few thousand dollars for credit within an app store purchase. Permissions will send a notification to parents when a child tries to make an app store purchase. They can then approve the purchase rather than allowing adolescents to run amok on the app store.
  • Widgets: Very similar to Android phones, widgets will allow users to have live updates from specific applications by using custom widgets. Some examples include live interaction with Ebay and sports score updates.

Many more updates will no doubt be announced as the keynote progresses and the WWDC continues for the next few days. Check out a live feed for the keynote on CNET to stay up to date on the latest announcements.

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