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Apple to unveil iOS 5 and iPad 2 March 2.

What will the new iOS 5 and iPad 2 feature
What will the new iOS 5 and iPad 2 feature
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Apple is planning to announce the iOS 5 and the iPad 2 during a media event on March 2, according to engadget. The iPad 2 is Apple’s latest tablet computer in the final stages of development, and the iOS is the latest operating system that runs iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

Long Islanders love Apple’s products and are now starting to look ahead to the newest iOS on their iPhones and iPads as we delve further into 2011.

According to engadget, both the iPad 2 and the iOS 5 will be featured at the media event Apple s holding on March 2. The iPad 2 will feature a thinner body, a higher resolution screen and at least one front-facing camera with the possibility of a back-facing camera in addition.

Engadet’s sources also report other major features of the iPad 2. These features include the debut of the Apple A5 chip, which will also likely be featured in the iPhone 5. The A5 processor is currently best known as the multi-cored successor to the A4 processor, which powers the original iPad and iPhone 4.

Sources for Engadget also practically guaranteed the unveiling of Apple’s newest iOS in some shape or form at the same event. Engadget has few details on the new operating system, which they are calling “iOS 5.” However, it seems likely that it will be used in the next generation of Apple’s mobile devices, including both the iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

These rumors should be taken seriously because engadget deemed their sources “dead right.” Engadget has been outstanding with breaking rumors in the past, most notably when they obtained the famous iPhone 4 prototype last year.

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Gizmodo bought the iPhone 4 prototype, not Engadget.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    The next version of iOS is 4.3 not 5.0. You could have just looked at the developer betas available now to confirm. Are there any real journalists left?

  • Nate 4 years ago

    Gizmodo and Engadget are not the same site. Next version of iOS is 4.3. Next major version release is 5.0. Poorly written article all around.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Also most legitimate sources unlike this one have confirmed that there will not be an update screen resolution. Honestly?

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Forever Alone!

  • Profile picture of Anthony Lifrieri
    Anthony Lifrieri 4 years ago

    Oh I bg to differ gentlemen. Firstly, the wrong link was posted, which I just corrected. Engadget had one too, and it was before Gizmodo's.

    We all know 4.3 is coming out in the immediate future, but this will showcase the iOS 5 for the next generation of iDevices. Nice try though...

  • Jess 4 years ago

    Nice article and good info. I'll be getting the new iPad.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Amazing. A new processor. I almost passed out from sheer exhuberation. What's next? A 28% increase in the product's tensile strength? Sign me up!

  • Getafe 4 years ago

    A load of lies... 4.3 will be out soon with all this "ATVGames"... I wanna know what that means. iOS5 I think will be released about June, July with the iPhone 5

  • Profile picture of Anthony Lifrieri
    Anthony Lifrieri 4 years ago

    Getafe, I agree with you, and that's what I meant in the article. The iOS 5 will come out either with the iPhone 5 or iPad 2 launch.

  • Michael Bairstow 4 years ago

    To Quote Charlie Brown...Good Grief..As a previous commentator stated the next IOS version won't be 5.0. How on earth can you say say "commonly know as 5.0" when Apple have not even discussed it. Stop the rumour mongering and just wait.. After they announce the. We can make some incisive comments.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Cant wait for ios5!!!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This article is just like most other web media sites. Nothing he reported was original. Don't be so hard on him.

    Apple does often preview major upgrades to their operating systems several months in advance. The may preview iOS5 on Wed. They previewed Mac OS Lion last Oct and it won't come out till summer.

    We won't likely see a higher resolution screen but every rumor is just that a rumor until Apple speaks.