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Apple to release iPod Touch with camera this Spring?


Ipod Touch 3G with camera
this Spring?
Image source: AP

We have heard from an inside source who claims the camera version of the iPod Touch 3G will be released this Spring. The source confirms to us that the iPod Touch 3G with camera had actually been planned for release this past September, but had problems passing quality control. Unlike SamsungApple actually has a Quality Control department. 

The iPod Touch 3G with camera will allegedly have the same camera as the updated iPod Nano, which shoots video, but not still pictures. Although the video quality on the Nano is good for a portable device, it can't compare with the video quality of the iPhone 3G S.

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  • jordan 5 years ago

    You are a little late to this. Anyhow, I hear it will be released in February.

  • Aly 5 years ago

    I was thinking of buying a ipod touch Should I wait?

  • coco 5 years ago

    But video-only camera is basically useless though.
    And they always change the release dates and it's really getting on my nerves.

  • Jarred 5 years ago

    This article doesn't add up. If you look at the differences between the iphone and the ipod touch they are practically the same..internally. Adding a iphone 3Gs camera to the touch would be no big deal. Hardware and software already exist. I believe Apple is choosing not to add it at this point in time. If you noticed when the 1st gen iphone and ipod touch were released the touch was lacking specific features that the iphone had..Mail and few other apps. It wasn't a software issue, it was Apple holding it back to gain future sales later on with newer releases. Anyways, I believe Apple is holding off putting a camera in the touch because they want to upgrade both the iphone and touch with superior camera / video to the nano. Maybe even HD. They may not release at the same time but its a next logical step. Just releasing a touch with a 3Gs camera / video isn't much of an upgrade. Maybe i'm wrong but thats how I see it. Cheers!

  • Jarred 5 years ago

    I could see Apple wanting "kindle-like" connectivity so touch owners could purchase anytime via 3G networks, not just wifi. How that would actually be billed could certainly cause a delay in a release. If they could synchronize that with Skype calling via 3G with the touch then they would be onto something. Now i'm starting to get wishful.. Stopping now.

  • dave 5 years ago

    @ jarred
    The iPod is much thinner then the iPhone, thus there is less space for a camera.

  • coco 5 years ago

    But I think that if there really was a camera on the Touch, it would sell like crazy! So many people want the Touch because its a lot cheaper but it doesn't have a camera like the iPhone does. So they think about getting the iPhone which is a very expensive phone(for monthly fees) than they would just not get anything insted. So if they added a camera/video to the Touch, it would be a HUGE improvment.

  • coco 5 years ago

    Like me~I really want one

  • geoff 5 years ago


  • catherin 5 years ago

    I hear that apple to release ipod touch with camera that the iphone have but I don't likethe camera that take video I woud't buy it. If it come out like a camera that take piture on iPod touch I would buy it . I have a 2 genen I pod touch and I would buy the 3 genen iPod touch.

  • Robyn 5 years ago

    I've been waiting for a still camera in the iPod touch - shattered to hear is will be video only!

  • Jason 5 years ago

    The only reason I will ever get an iPod when I can do everything with it. Until then I suffer with my 3 gen ipod.

  • worried 4 years ago

    so if you already have an ipod touch would you be able to switch it in for the new one when it comes out? this is probably a dumb question but i want the new one!!!

  • worried 4 years ago

    so if you already have an ipod touch would you be able to switch it in for the new one when it comes out? this is probably a dumb question but i want the new one!!!

  • wad11656 4 years ago

    Ugh! I've been waiting SOO long for the iPod touch--JUST so I can get it when it is released with a camera! I can't wait any longer! Now they're psyching us out with a video-only iPod? No way. Please give us the goods.

  • coco 4 years ago

    would there be sound for the camera???????

  • carla 4 years ago

    I was thinking to buy one....but now i want to wait for the caamara!

  • bs 4 years ago

    if its not with a good camera (min 3mp) which can take still pics, I don't want it...

  • vballplyr13 4 years ago

    This is stupid if the Ipod only takes video!!!!Isn't it easier if you only put a still camera instead of a camcorder???I was saving up my money because i heard that there was going to be a still camera on the new Ipod touch that was coming up!!Now I don't want to get one because of this!!I bet you that a lot of people are upset and I think most of them are.You will not be getting a lot business anymore because of this.I really wanted to take pictures on my Ipod touch because my friends have the IPhones and when they are taking pictures with that I just have my regular phone.I want the IPhone but the plan is to expensive.I really want to see changes and for you to improve what you are doing or thinking about doing.

  • Peter 4 years ago

    Does the software changes?

  • toxumiharu 4 years ago


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