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Apple sued over disappearing 'iMessage' texts, plus more

Apple sued over disappearing 'iMessage' texts, plus more
Apple sued over disappearing 'iMessage' texts, plus more
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Samsung

Apple is being sued over disappearing "iMessage" texts, according to a May 16 c/net report. "iMessage" is a free Apple instant messenger service. Using 'iMessage” iOS users can send free and unlimited texts over Wi-Fi and an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to any other user of these devices.

The problem involves a former Apple iPhone customer who switched to an Android phone. While Adrienne Moore can text her friends who use iPhones, she does not receive replies because Apple's "iMessage" is interfering with them.

The problem revolves around the fact that when iPhone users send a response to a phone number, the system sees that number as associated with "iMessage" and forwards the answer through this service to the recipient. But because the recipient is now an Android user and no longer a part of the "iMessage" network, the reply ends up in cyberspace instead of on the recipient's Android phone.

Moore vs. Apple Inc, 14-cv-02269 alleges that Apple did not reveal that switching from an iPhone to an Android phone would result in an inability to receive texts. This lawsuit seeks class-action status with undefined damages.

Suing is one way to hand this matter after a person has replaced an iPhone with an Android phone and was unaware how to prepare their iPhone for recycling. Another way is to be proactive and follow the instructions at Apple Support to learn what to do before selling or recycling your iPhone to protect yourself and your private data. (Step two explains how “iMessage' is terminated when a user resets his or her iPhone).

In another iPhone development, a new free iPhone app lets users broadcast live video worldwide from their iPhone. This free iPhone app is called “Mobli." “Mobli' is available for Apple's iOS, Android and Windows, but the user can only broadcast live video in the iOS version. The ability to broadcast live video will arrive on Android later and whether this feature arrives on Windows' phones is unclear.

“Mobli” is rated 12 or higher for drug use, alcohol and tobacco reference, profanity, nudity and sexual content. This free iPhone app requires iOS 6.0 or later, is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and is iPhone 5 optimized.