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Apple shifts policy in favor of new iOS app for Bitcoin

Apple has shifted its bitcoin policy and is now making available on its iOS App Store the new bitcoin wallet app, posted today on Coin Desk. The Coinpocket app will allow full access to the camera hardware for QR code scanning.

Apple Hosts Its Worldwide Developers Conference
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This is a policy shift to welcome digital currency apps. Earlier this year, Apple had removed the popular Blockchain app from its store and left Bitcoin holders without an app for their iPhone or iPad. There was no reason given by Apple at that time. Upset and angry app users with bitcoin spoke out across the Internet.

After scathing comments from Blockchain and uproar from bitcoin app users, this came as a welcome settlement from the Cupertino Apple iOS App Store. Now bitcoin users can easily transfer funds from another wallet to a wallet with the new function of private keys on the app. There is some ability to generate an encrypted version of the private keys but not easily accomplished as yet.

This policy shift opens up to Apple developers the opportunity to create and submit from their developer site new OS apps and gain a foothold in the new world market of bitcoin and transactions. The more user friendly bitcoin transfers that are made around the world, bitcoin payments and its use will grow and create more demand for apps from developers.

The app is welcome also for merchants like eGifter who has been providing digital cards for purchase with bitcoin and use of bitcoin with merchants who accept the eGifter card. The Pizza bitcoin event day in May was well received with purchase of Pizza with eGifter cards with bitcoin.

With the Apple policy change you can purchase bitcoins for Walmart purchases via an iOS device with use of your eGifter app loaded with bitcoin. This makes the eGifter app the first in the world to use the iOS app and was available immediately after the Apple World Wide Developer Conference June 2. This is a very welcome app for those bitcoin eager holders to shop at Walmart and use their eGifter cards.

The use of bitcoin to contribute to charities from companies that support FIFA 2014 Soccer Cup is reaching a peak in branding for bitcoin. Corporate sponsors during the heat of the World Cup Soccer games are providing charitable contributions with bitcoin. This is another positive opportunity for the Apple roll out of the digital currency wallet app. The Apple developers can open more money making avenues for bitcoin holders and gifting to charity.

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