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Apple security flaw: Hackers could enter mobile devices and more

A major Apple security flaw has been announced by Apple Inc regarding its mobile devices. The Apple security flaw could allow hackers to intercept communications, including emails, which are supposed to be encrypted. Mac computers are even more exposed to the hackers' doings, according to a Yahoo! News report on Saturday.

Apple security flaw

If an attacker has the same mobile user’s network access – such as sharing the same unsecured wireless service offered out in public – the attacker can see or alter exchanges between a user and protected web sites. The protected web sites that attackers could negatively affect include such web sites as Facebook and Gmail. It is reported that governments with access to telecom carrier data could do the same thing.

Apple has not revealed exactly when or how it became aware of the security flaw in the method iOS is functioning. However, Apple’s web site for support states that the software failed to validate the authenticity of the connection.

Reportedly, Apple has released software patches and an update for the current version of iOS for iPhone 4 and later, 5th-generation iPod touches, and iPad 2 and later. The fix is needed to have security on these devices.

Security researches assert the same flaw occurs in current versions of Mac OSX, running Apple laptop and desktop computers. No patch is yet available for that operating system.

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