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Apple’s Newly Approved Patent: ‘Transparent Texting’

‘Transparent Texting’
Simulated Screen Image by Brian Hart

After eighteen months, the US Patent & Trademark Office approved Apple’s “transparent texting” patent.

This new iteration of messaging involves replacing the static background of a texting app with live videos from the phone’s rear-facing camera. Thus, in theory, that video would lessen the amount of injuries due to individuals engrossed with texting (e.g., walking into street signs, trees, and mailboxes).

While a novel idea, this author questions whether “transparent texting” will be a benefit or if users’ attention will continue to be focused on their conversations regardless of the live background (i.e., much like hands-free calling having its limitations for improving safe driving).

In either case, “transparent texting” may be available as early as September 2014, when the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are rumored to be released.

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