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Apple's Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse
Magic Mouse
Photo by Carlos Concepcion

Apple's new Magic Mouse does away with the standard cabled mouse we've all grown accustomed to. These are now packaged as a standard feature on iMacs and Mac Pros, along with a wireless keyboard.

The Magic Mouse uses Bluetooth technology to link up with your Bluetooth-equipped Mac. Simply flip the switch at the bottom of the mouse to turn it on. Your computer will automatically detect it. To be sure, go to your System Preferences under the Bluetooth pane to manage your devices. The setup will detect Bluetooth-equipped devices nearby and will automatically pair with them.

Its space-age, low-profile design uses touch-technology borrowed from the iPhone and iPod Touch. While it still serves the primary function of selecting and clicking items on your computer screen, it can also scroll up and down and side-to-side without having to rely on a scroller. Merely slide a finger across its surface and it will pan and scroll through your screen, and even zoom-in and out. Its sensitivity can be adjusted in the System Preferences' Mouse pane - tracking, scrolling, double-click speeds and so on.

The Magic Mouse can be purchased separately. Be sure your Mac has at least Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) and built-in Bluetooth technology.

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