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Apple's iPhone 6 enters final stage before mass production begins

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes to the stage to announce the iPhone 5s
Apple CEO Tim Cook takes to the stage to announce the iPhone 5s
Apple Press Release Kit

Ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the next generation iPhone, sources inside the Foxconn factory which is located in Zhengzhou, China have stated that the device has finally entered a stage known as PVT (product validation test), which is the precursor to mass production. A report posted to USwitch on Aug. 14 claims that the iPhone 6 is right on schedule, and that it will be ready to release next month.

Industry analyst Xiang Ligang has stated that while there have been a few hiccups along the way, there should be no further issues with factories churning out millions of new handsets for Apple, and that unless something catastrophic happens, the new iPhone 6 will be ready for deployment right on schedule.

The comments released by Ligang suggest that manufacturing issues that have plagued Apple and the factories that produce the iPhone have been eradicated. Earlier on this year reports suggested that Apple was having major issues developing, and manufacturing the impressive sapphire glass display, in fact the manufacturing process has been so difficult that many industry insiders believed that the iPhone 6 (especially the 5.5-inch version) could have been delayed until 2015.

There really is no surprise that the iPhone 6 is right on schedule though. Numerous leaks over the last few weeks have shown the iPhone 6’s sapphire glass display, the front and back casing, and even a fully assembled device complete with retail packaging. There is no doubt that Apple has been working hard to make sure that the iPhone 6, (which is arguably the companies most important device since being launched in 2007), is perfect in every way, right down to the last small details.

While many of the leaks have shown the world what the new smartphone will look like, details on the internal specifications are still hard to come by. Many expect that Apple will abandon the familiar 16GB variant of the phone and will instead offer devices starting with 32GB of storage space as a minimum. The processor is expected to be an updated version of the 64-bit A8 processor which made its debut in the iPhone 5s, and RAM is expected to be bumped up to the 2GB mark.

Other notable enhancements to the iPhone 6 have been rumored to include a more powerful iSight camera (possibly a 13-megapixel sensor), sensors that will enable users to take advantage of the new Health Kit software, an enhanced finger print scanner, and NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities.

To date there has been no word on just how much the new iPhone 6 will cost when it launches in September, but industry analysts believe the 32GB, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will likely cost $299 with a 2 year contract, while the 32GB 5.5-inch variant could cost as much as $399 with a 2 year contract. If you are looking to purchase a device off contract expect to pay close to $650 for the base model 4.7-inch model, and $800 for the entry-level 5.5-inch model.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to announce the iPhone 6, the official release of iOS 8, and the new iWatch (aka iTime) to the world on Sept. 9, with the iPhone expected to be available to consumers on Sept. 19.

Source: Daily Mobile, TKTechnews

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