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Apple's iOS 7 updates are now available: Compatible with iPhone 4

Apple has done it again with major improvements to the iOS 7 operating system.
Apple has done it again with major improvements to the iOS 7 operating system.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Monday Apple rolled out the iOS 7 updates after the release of the technology six months ago. This is the first time since it was unveiled that any major updates have taken place.

These updates include, but are not limited to, the operating system, Siri and fixing some minor bugs that were found after its release.

Updates also include CarPlay and improved fingerprint technology.

The iOS 7 technology will not be far more compatible with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor as well as Siri voice assistant and iTunes Radio.

This means that the iPhone 4 will now operate much better with the iOS 7 operating system.

These updates are available immediately.

Features such as automatic updates, iTunes Radio, AirDrop and a new control center have been included in the updates also offering "five beta updates of iOS 7.1 to developers."

The delay in Siri recognizing the users voice is now obsolete. When you are done talking Siri knows it. There is a male and female voice option for British English, Mandarin Chinese, Australian English and Japanese within Siri's software.

Even the calendar has improved. Users have more ease of access and toggle action over dates is an option as well.

Fingerprint rejections will happen far less than they have in the past. Getting into your device is no longer a challenge.

For all of the photo guru's out there the updates to the camera on the iPhone 5S are super exciting. These now feature "Apple's advanced A7 processor."

In iTunes users will be able to utilize the new search field and create stations of their favorite tunes or purchase albums. Subscriptions can also be made from the phone rather than on a desktop.

These are just some of the exciting advanced updates Apple has added for user connivance and accessibility.

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