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Apple’s “iCloud” storage system exploited – many accounts vulnerable.

Popular storage app iCloud exploited.
Popular storage app iCloud exploited.

On August 31, 2014, everyone that currently uses Apple’s popular picture/video/media app “iCloud” Storage system on their tablets, phones, pc's, and etc. are extremely vulnerable to many hackers through this large scale exploit. As of right now, a slew of celebrity’s accounts through iCloud have been compromised with many private and nude pieces of media surfacing throughout many media outlets. The outbreak made its first appearance on the website 4chan with legions of Anonymous users posting leaked iCloud images in various threads around its random (/b) boards for their own amusement.

For those who don't know, the "iCloud" system syncs up to a particular device such as your phone, tablet, or pc, then automatically sends media the user creates immediately to the online storage "cloud" for either personal or public use depending on the users settings. Many users of the app and many other apps identical to it such as Facebook, Instagram, or Photobucket usually forget that their content is constantly being shifted into an online storage. In this case, many don't realize that personal info/media may be on one or more of these types of clouds which also can potentially be exploited.

So far, hackers only seem to be targeting celebrities and other famous personality’s iCloud accounts looking for explicit personal media to either sell or to just disperse openly for "fun". In this case, the common user may or may not be immediately effected of this. For those who often use the system for backups or have uploaded any type of personal info/media to the iCloud storage, I’d strongly advise to anyone reading that you remove uploaded material as soon as possible and back it up somewhere else for the time being at very least.

As of now, Apple has not yet commented on the incident, but will more than likely respond very soon to this ongoing issue.