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Apple’s Healthbook app makes first steps to health and fitness easy

If you have an Apple iPhone you are familiar with the existing Passbook application. Now you can get an app called, Healthbook to track health and fitness data points, reports Mark Gurman of 9-5Mac today.

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The app will track through each category a card which is color coded and tabs can be placed by the user. The Healthbook app has the following sections: blood work, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, physical activity, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, weights and emergency card.

Since diabetes is on the rise in the US the app tracks blood sugar (glucose levels). The 2013 report from the American Diabetes Association lists 1.9 million people in the US are diagnosed each year. The American Diabetes Association lists that 26.9% of persons over 65 has diabetes. The daily checking of blood sugar may be helped efficiently by this app.

Hydration levels and respiratory rate are two tracking elements of this app that would be of use to athletes in order to determine hydration levels for need and appropriate amount. Athletes track their respiratory rate to determine their level of strength and ability to train and compete. Respiratory levels lead to ability to maintain oneself in completion at peak competition level.

Tracking sleep is an important section as restless versus ability to achieve deep sleep can make a difference in daytime performance. Sleep cycle and Sleepbot already track restlessness and REM sleep, so this is a key to add to the Apple app.

Everyone needs an emergency card and this app will allow for the customer’s name, birth date, medication information, weight, eye color, blood type, organ donor status, and location.

The beauty and user value of the Healthbook app will be that at the Apple store other devices as a wearable piece of technology item can store data to transfer to the app in the future. Apple’s M7 processor in the Apple 5S can assist in storing the fitness data.

As Passbook provides collection of entertainment and coupons, the Healthbook app can collect from third party sources the vital information and be the place to click on first to track the statistics for a fit and healthier life.

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