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Apple's CarPlay unveiled at Geneva Motor Show: From iPhone to dashboard

Apple has taken their iOS to an entire new level announcing the arrival of CarPlay on Monday, March 3, 2014 at the Geneva International Motor Show. In a press release on Monday, Apple announced that the first vehicles to incorporate the hands free iOS will be from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo this week. With safety and fun in mind CarPlay by Apple offers drivers the ability to continue their iPhone lifestyle experience at the steering wheel staying hands-free safe by placing iPhones abilities into the auto's dashboard.

The newest addition to Apple's playlist; The exciting CarPlay
The newest addition to Apple's playlist; The exciting CarPlay
CarPlay unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

Siri takes shotgun keeping drivers company while using CarPlay

The CarPlay integration permits for the iPhone to be connected to the vehicle allowing for drivers to have an instant companion with Siri on board as the voice of CarPlay. Voice control keeps Siri busy as a personal assistant allowing the driver to stay in total control for safe driving. Drivers can simply ask Siri to find directions and make calls for them without moving their hands away important driving duties. Siri will be able to read out messages sent to drivers and then take dictation in order to respond for her driving boss.

The CarPlay built-in display is ready to assist by utilizing Apple Maps to showcase specific directions, traffic and estimated time of arrival as well as the drivers choices for listening entertainment enjoyment. According to the CarPlay website, CarPlay also supports favorite iPhone apps such as Podcasts, Beats Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify and Sticher with the anticipation of more to come.

The press release added that the exciting new CarPlay will soon be available in additional vehicles manufactured by BMW Group, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan Motor Company, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota Motor Corp. Apple is now wisely jumping into action in answering the call to allow for drivers to concentrate on their very important duties of driving while also staying connected and enjoying the conveniences of their iPhone.

Enjoy another big bite offered by Apple and never be afraid to dance!

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