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Apple releases iOS 8 beta 4 and a report finds iOS in general leaks private info

On Monday, Apple made iOS 8 beta 4 available to developers (or anyone who wants to pay the $99 fee to have a developer account) with devices compatible with iOS 8. The first iOS 8 beta was released on June 2 and updates have been coming out steadily since then. BGR notes that this update couldn’t come too soon, since iOS 3 was loaded with bugs.

iOS 8 beta 4 has been made available today

MacRumors breaks down just what the newest beta brings us. They note that this version is faster and has a more polished feel. It also includes Tips, which was hinted at way back at WWDC and has finally made its first appearance. It’s pretty simple; it’ll offer users tips weekly on how to use the iOS, such as how to activate Siri hands-free.

The more polished feel is especially apparent in the control center, where the black borders have been removed from icons.

Other updates include Messages being updated with the talk-to-text option now showing the text as you talk, rather than once a message has been completely spoken. Bug reporter, which was a iOS default app in other versions, has been removed. The health app now has three sections for calories: Active, Dietary and Resting.

The emoji icon on the keyboard has been updated with a happier smiley face icon. MacRumors notes that updates will continue to be released every two to three weeks ahead of the OS’s launch in September.

However, also released today is a report that states that iOS in general has a backdoor that has allowed “unauthorized people in privileged positions” i.e., members of the National Security Agency and law enforcement, to wirelessly access and take pictures, texts and sensitive material from phones without ever needing to enter a PIN or password.

The expert who discovered this information stated to Ars Technica, “Apple really needs to step up and explain what these services are doing.” Of course, with today’s update, no mention has been made of the report, but hopefully with whatever update comes next for iOS 7 or 8 beta, Apple will offer the requested information.

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