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Apple rejects iPad app

By now, NMA.TV's computer-generated news reports are Internet standbys. Something new will be released online each day in a Taiwanese and English, and if it's a unique enough take, mainstream press will pick up on it. The Simpsons have parodied it, Conan O'Brien's had a feud with them, and fun is had by most. Sure, they may paint Hermain Cain as a pizza-slinging pitchmen, and Steve Jobs as Darth Vader, but nobody's really gotten too mad, have they?'s App rejected by Tim Cook

Actually, Darth Jobs might have pushed the line. is reporting that they have submitted an app for the iPad, but it was denied by Apple. Claiming that the app is defamatory or offensive, Apple refuses to sell it in the App Store.

NMA contends that satirical sites such as theirs have gone through, such as The Daily Show. At the same time, they did a retrospective on Steve Jobs' life last week, and naturally responded to the rejection with a new video. In it, the NMA continuity of Tim Cook being Darth Jobs' successor is kept in place.

That... might not help it get in any faster.


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