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Apple refund: Does Apple owe you a refund and how do you get it?

Apple refund: How do you get it and what is it for?
Apple refund: How do you get it and what is it for?
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Are you owed an Apple refund? The Apple refund is offered to people that had charges on their bills for apps that their kids ordered without their knowledge, according to Boston. com on Jan. 16.

If your kids ordered apps without your knowledge, chances are you have some money coming back to you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) chairperson, Edith Ramirez, announced Wednesday that Apple will refund at least $32.5 million to consumers. This comes after thousands of consumer complaints came into the FTC about charges showing up on their bill that were not authorized by the parents.

One of the scenarios for how this happens: When a child is playing a game and a chest of gems or treats for their virtual dog pops up, they can’t access this without a password. When the kid asks the parent to put in the password, the kid thinks they can now access the accessories for the game they are playing. In reality that password actually allows the parent’s account to be charged for the objects added to the Apple app.

The password also allows kids to make unlimited purchases for up to 15 minutes. The password doesn’t need to be entered again if they buy another app as they get a 15 minute window to continue buying purchases during that time.

Another scenario for how this happens: When a parent allows the child to buy an app, or the parent buys an app for them by entering their password. The parents agree to pay for one app and they are under the impression that there could not be another purchase made without entering their password again.

With that 15 minute window, the kids can purchase more apps without the password being entered a second time. The kids now have the opportunity to buy all the apps they want for the next 15 minutes. This 15 minute window has been the culprit for racking up the parent’s bill to the tune of thousands of dollars in some cases.

The commission said a single purchase can range from 99 cents to $99. Apple has already notified parents about the 15 minute window after they enter their email in hopes of staving off any more problems. Most folks were not aware of this 15 minute time span that allows you to continue shopping without entering a password again to make a purchase.

Apple has until March 31 to come up with a billing system that ensures that kids do not make a purchase without the parent’s permission. According to CNN. The folks at Apple are already busy notifying the folks that are owed refunds.

How to get your refund if one is owed to you:

1. Apple has emailed consumers who may have had unauthorized charges for apps. Just follow the email directions.
2. If you did not get an email and you were one of the people that had apps charged to your phone that you did not authorize they ask that you “reach out to Apple.”

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