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Apple refund: $32.5 million: Refund for kids racking up bill with Apple apps

An Apple refund is now available to all those parents out there whose kids racked up the bills purchasing Apple apps without the parent’s knowledge. The Apple refund comes after FTC Commissioner Edith Ramierz said that Apple failed to notify parents of the 15-minute window that allows purchases once their password was entered, according to CNN Money on Jan. 15.

Apple refund: Parents get a refund for all those apps the kids purchased without their knowlege.
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This 15-minute window was plenty of time for unsuspecting kids to rack up millions in app costs for their parents to pay. One parent reported that their daughter spent $2,600 in the app Tap Pet Hotel, reported Ramirez. Another parent got a bill of $500 in app purchases. These are not isolated incidents.

The Apple refund will cost Apple at least $32.5 million and folks will be notified by email. If you are someone who feels they are due a refund and you don’t receive an email, Apple asks that you contact them.

Apps aren’t cheap and although they start at 99 cents they go up to $99. This window gave the kids the opportunity to shop, with the majority of them believing it was free. CNN calls this a “victory for the consumers that were harmed by the unfair billing” and it sends a loud message to businesses. Ramirez’s statement said it all:

“You cannot charge consumers for purchases they did not authorize.”

If the refunds don’t reach the projected $32.5 million, Apple will need to pay the remainder to the FTC.
Apple has gotten busy and parents have already been notified of the 15 minute window that has caused so much problems.

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