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Apple Pulls Weed Firm, A Cannabis Growing Game, From The iStore

Apple iStore pulls weed game
Apple iStore pulls weed game
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Slightly surprisingly Apple has pulled the number 1 gaming app from the iStore. Quite why hasn't been explained yet and the store still hosts many competitors working along the same sorts of lines. So it can't be the subject matter that was the problem. Despite the fact that that subject matter is both fun and interesting, the struggles of building your own cannabis growing empire.

The Mail has the details so far as we have them at all:

Apple has weeded out a popular game from its app store that sees users try and create a successful marijuana-growing empire. Weed Firm had become the No1 game on the App Store in all categories. However, the game was pulled on Tuesday with Apple yet to explain why.

In the game you have to negotiate with other dealers and to maximise your client base. It's very like building any other sort of business actually, but here played as a game. That it's weed or cannabis that is being handled doesn't change the underlying business issues.

The developers have told us all that this was entirely Apple's decision, nothing at all to do with them. Apparently Apple is looking in much more detail at these sorts of games. For, after all, weed growing and dealing is still illegal under Federal law even if more states are making medical marijuana (and even in some places, entirely recreational) legal.

On the other side of this Apple has always been a little prissy about what it does allow into the iStore. No nudity for example, no pornography (despite those two being entirely legal) and so on.

In a related story we're also seeing images of a supposed new 4.7 inch screen for the upcoming iPhone 6. As ever there's no actual proof that this has anything to do with Apple at all but then given the size of their production runs we also know that what will be in that iPhone 6 will leak out before the actual launch date. There's just too many hundreds of thousands of people (quite literally, hundreds of thousands of people) involved in their manufacturing chain for this to not happen.

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