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Apple pie swapping pin uses bread crust dough

Apple pie swapping pin uses bread crust dough
Apple pie swapping pin uses bread crust dough
Paula Hrbacek

There’s a breakfast casserole that is often served for Easter that is made with a loaf of white bread. The crusts have to be removed, and are usually discarded. Instead of feeding the birds with the crusts, it can be used to make a sort of modeling clay or play dough, and used to make swapping pins or magnets that look like an apple pie.

To make the pin you will need

Bread crusts

All-purpose white glue

Metal bottle caps

Silver spray paint

Toothpick or modeling tools

Peel and stick pin backs or magnets

Peel and stick fun foam

Bottled beer and some brands of root beer have metal twist off caps that look like a pie pan. If this is not an option, some brands of bottled water have a shallow plastic cap that also resembles a pie pan. Place the caps right side up on newspaper or cardboard, and spray paint the outside of the caps silver. Let dry.

Trace around a nickel or a button that will fit inside the bottle cap and cut out two circles of fun foam per pin. Peel off the paper backing and adhere the circles inside the open end of the cap. The modeling clay will only be able to evaporate from one side, so this filler will allow you to use less clay. When the entire cap is filled with clay, moisture can get trapped inside that will eventually mildew.

Put the bread crusts into a blender, a few at a time, and turn the crusts into bread crumbs. Place the crumbs on a paper plate, and add a small amount of white glue. Keep mixing the crumbs and glue until you get a stiff dough that is similar to pie crust.

Take a ball of dough that is about the size of a marble. Roll it into a thin circle that is slightly larger than the bottle cap. Place the dough on top of the cap. Press down on the clay so that the glue will stick to the fun foam. Use a toothpick or modeling tool to make the ventilation slits in the center of the crust, and to make the scalloped edge around the edge of the crust.

Apply a peel and stick pin back to the back of the pie. If you want to make magnets from the pies, place a small square of peel and stick magnet tape to the back of the pie.

Let the pies dry in a sunny, dry environment.

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