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Apple Phone, Android Tablet!

My last article was one on tablets, specifically, an android tablet which I recently acquired. I’ve been using it now for about a month or so, and I really like it. It’s a good size, even though I thought I may have wanted a larger size, like an 8 – 10” inch tablet. It’s large enough that it’s bigger than my phone, small enough that it’s not a laptop, and can easily fit in a nice sized handbag, tote bag, or back pack.

You might remember from my very first article as a tech gear blogger for the Examiner when I wrote about just getting the Palm Pre smart phone (wow, that was a minute ago :)). After about 2 years, the Palm was no longer being supported, and it was time to get a new cell phone, and I had narrowed my choices between the 2 leading types: Apple and Android.

After tons of research, reviews, and interviews of colleagues, friends, and family, my decision was to go with the iPhone. So now, as I contemplated the idea of getting a tablet, I naturally thought that I would go one of the Apple tablets.

First of all, let me say that the acquisition of a tablet for me and probably many folks is not a necessity, and most people considering the purchase of a tablet most likely already have a smart phone as well as a laptop. They probably also have a desktop, or access to one on a regular basis, so the decision to purchase a tablet in my humble opinion is one of either luxury, curiosity, or vanity.

Secondly, since I had an iPhone, I naturally looked to buy an Apple tablet first. However, when I discovered what kinds of prices the Apple tablets were going for, I immediately decided that a tablet purchase wasn’t that important, and it wasn’t something that I wanted to spend that kind of money on.

Third, I began looking at Android tablets. I considered the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, and a few ASUS tablets. I even checked out Blackberry Playbook, and other Android tablets, both high and low end. After doing a few weeks of off and on again research, I finally gave up because I just couldn’t decide.

Then, as “luck” would have it, my son needed his phone replaced, and my mobile phone company let me know that I was eligible for a “free” tablet, a Samsung Galaxy. Not having been a tablet that I previously considered, I thought, why not. The sales assistant let me look at one that he had on display, and within a few minutes, and that fact that there was no upfront cost to me, I took the plunge, and so far, it’s a nice and functional tablet to add to my tech gear repertoire.

Now I just need to see if having a tablet with my mobile carrier will be cost prohibitive, knowing that I can connect to a network all of the time if I don’t want to connect to my home network or any public WI-Fi. Time will tell when I examine my future phone bills. Maybe its the best of both worlds? More to come.

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