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Apple not planning to produce smaller iPhone

Taking Windows on a Mac to a new level...
Taking Windows on a Mac to a new level...

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Apple was experimenting with three different iPhone 5 prototypes, with an iPhone mini being the favorite. However, sources of the New York Times report that Apple is NOT planning to produce a smaller iPhone.

Over the last week, many Long Islanders have inquired about the iPhone 5, and throughout the country, experts hypothesized as to what features the iPhone 5 will contain.

According to the New York Times’ sources from inside Apple, Apple is not planning to make an iPhone mini/Nano for several reasons. The smaller iPhone would cause a smaller screen, which would change the uniformity of all iPhone screens. The change in screen size would also force app developers to rewrite their apps to conform to the new format, something Apple does not want.

While Apple is considering changing the hardware inside the device, the size will most definitely remain the same. “Although the innards of the phone, including memory size or camera quality, could change to offer a less expensive model, the size of the device would not vary,” said an Apple worker to the Times who has worked on multiple versions of the iPhone 5.

And then there were two: A model that is an enhanced iPhone 4 like the 3GS, and another model with a larger screen, sharper camera and a slide-out keyboard. Right now, it seems like the 4GS-type model seems to be the favorite because it would be less expensive to produce, but things can easily change over the coming months.

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