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Apple iWatch teaming up with sports stars Kobe Bryant and Dustin Brown

Apple's new technology toy, the iWatch, could be a fitness device, as well as a fashion accessory.

NBA All Star Kobe Bryant may be testing Apple's new iWatch
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to, professional athletes Kobe Bryant and Dustin Brown have been invited by Apple to test the new iWatch in professional conditioning environments.

Kobe Bryant of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers and Dustin Brown of the NHL Los Angeles Kings have been mentioned specifically as being invited to test the new iWatch, in what could be a long list of professional athletes used by Apple in testing, and possibly marketing the new Apple technology device.

The iWatch could serve as a major new tracking and diagnostics tool for professional athletes as well as amateur fitness enthusiasts.

How much will the iWatch cost?

While specifics on exactly how the iWatch will work have yet to be released, there is currently a lot of speculation on the exact size as well as the price of the new iWatch device.

The exact price of the new iWatch could start at around $350, but there are predictions of much higher prices as well.

Another article states that the 2.5-inch screen size iWatch is going into production this month for a launch in October. There are also rumors of Apple working on multiple iWatch sizes.

None of the reported information is coming directly from Apple. Much of the news being published this week quotes as the source. The 9to5 website claims to be a top influencer in the tech community by consistently breaking exclusive news and being the first to report on relevant information to our readers.

In typical Apple marketing fashion, there are bits and pieces of information leaked out on a new product, with very little specifics. Just enough information has been released on the new iWatch for Apple fanatics to start their "I want one" dreaming.


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