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Apple iWatch set to launch in October with a curved OLED screen

Apple's new Health Kit
Apple's new Health Kit
rtma - Wikimedia Commons

During Apple's WWDC event this year the company released a lot of information about the upcoming iOS 8 operating system, but not a lot was said about the devices that would utilize the update. A report that was released on June 6 by Japanese newspaper, Nikkei suggests that the often talked about iWatch will be released this October, and it will take full advantage of both iOS 8, and Appls's new Health Kit feature.

The iWatch will be Apple's attempt at a smartwatch, and while many companies have tried to be successful with wearable technology, the current devices on the market have failed to hit the mark. Apple is hoping to change that with the iWatch. The report suggests that the iWatch will feature a curved OLED display, much like the recently released Samsung Gear Fit, and that the iWatch will take full advantage of iOS 8 and Apple's new health tracking functions.

There have been many rumors about the iWatch, and how the device will be able to track sleep activity, blood glucose levels, blood oxygen levels, steps taken, calories consumed, heart rate, and other smartwatch features such as email, text messaging, weather, and phone call notifications. Nikkei also reported that Apple will indeed be working closely with sports apparel giant, Nike. Nike recently abandoned its Nike FuelBand, and laid off the majority of the FuelBand staff.

Apple and Nike worked together closely on the unsuccessful FuelBand, and the two companies hope that they can finally create the ultimate smartwatch. The fact that Nike only supported Apple devices to work in conjunction with the FuelBand, is fueling the rumor that the two giant companies have joined forces to create the ultimate wearable device. There is no doubt that companies like Samsung, Fitbit, Jawbone, and Google will be looking closely to see how Apple and their iWatch performs. If the iWatch can do everything that the rumors suggest, the fitness tracker, and smartwatch market will have major competition.

Most of the story about the iWatch posted by Nikkei centers around the projected release in October. The release date may come as a surprise to many, because the general consensus in the tech world is that the iWatch would launch alongside the iPhone 6 in September. No matter when the launch date will be, the iWatch along with the iPhone 6, are two of the most anticipated launches of 2014. Only time will tell if the iWatch will be able to take the wearable market by storm, and if Apple will be the company to really put smartwatches on the map.

Source: Nikkei

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