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Apple iWatch September 9th?

iWatch silver around arm
iWatch silver around arm
Brett Jordan via Flickr

According to Re/code's John Paczcowski, Apple will be releasing some sort of wearable technology on Sptember 9th. It is pretty safe to assume that we will see the very first iWatch with the release of the much anticipated iPhone 6 and iOS 8. It looks like there is no better time to release this new device with rumors swirling around the new rumored circular LG smart watch to be released on the very same day. With wearables like the LG G watch, the Sony Smart watch and the Samsung Gear 2 Neo storming the market, it's about time for Apple to get in on the madness. Although Apple has not confirmed anything, (and most likely won't until September 9th) according to the new iPhone rumors, we might have a good idea of what the watch could do.

Health Kit

With the integration of the new health monitoring tracker on the new iPhone, we are sure to see some integration on the new iWatch as well. Apple boasts that the new health kit will allow users to track their heart rate, calories burned and seeping patterns and see them in a chart to better understand your own health.

Home Kit

It is rumored that the Home Kit will be a new release with the iPhone 6 as well. On the Apple developer page, the Apple Home Kit suggests that the new application will allow users to control connected devices in a user's home. This new application will most likely be integrated into the new wearable device as well.

Other Features

Just like the competition from Sony, LG and Samsung, Apple will most likely integrate text, email, and calling into the new iWatch as long as it is connected to an iPhone. There may very well be a home for Siri on the new iWatch as well. With the release of the new and updated iCloud system on iOS 8, it would be surprising if we didn't see the cloud on the watch as well.

Please note that these are all simply informed speculations as to the status of the new iWatch (or wearable technology device). Apple will most likely put any speculation to rest at the release in September. Keep your eyes open, and you may see the very first iWatch to be released on the market.

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