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Apple is reintroducing iPad 4 to replace iPad 2

Apple is not finished revolutionizing computing with the iPad. Fox Business Network reported on March 18, 2014 Apple is reportedly reintroducing iPad 4 today to replace the aging iPad 2. As supplies of iPad 2 begin to dry up Apple is set to reintroduce iPad 4.

A reporter checking out some data on an iPad.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Unnamed sources says consignments of iPad 4 are already beginning to arrive at Apple stores across the country. This anticipated move by Apple has followed a forecast by a KGI Securities analyst last month who said the firm’s fourth-generation iPad would now replace the aging iPad 2 in Q1 2014.

The slim and light iPad Air took the place of the iPad 4 with its Oct. 2013 launch. Apple meanwhile continued to sell the 16GB iPad 2 with a $399 price for the Wi-Fi-only version. The reintroduced iPad 4 is expected to be priced identical to that of the iPad 2. Consumers will therefore be able to get a more powerful device for the same price.

Reuters has also reported Apple is replacing iPad 2 with upgraded iPad 4. It's great news for consumers that an upgraded iPad 4 tablet will be offered in place of the mid-range iPad 2 for the same price. With a 9.7-inch retina display and a cost of just $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model this is a device a lot of iPad users are likely to consider buying. offers Apple products for sale online from Amazon.

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