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Apple is about to change the world of mobile business software (again) with the iPad

iPad Applications
iPad Applications

Today many software companies write and maintain multiple versions of their software, not only for desktop computers, but also for multiple mobile devices. The Apple iPad is about to change that.

The Need for Expensive Mobile Applications

iPhone, Blackberry, Android; so many hardware devices that web-based software companies want their software to work on for their customers. But to make their software work for all of these devices is a costly proposition.

For most web-based software companies, it's not really an option to use their software through a browser on an iPhone, Blackberry or other device. It's just too small to be a viable front-end to their software. So they have to write custom versions that are functional on smaller screens or mobile phones.

The New iPad Wireless Solution

Next month, when the iPad is released, that world will change. The Apple iPad relieves businesses and software development companies from worrying about all of the devices out there.  The iPad has a large screen, is inexpensive and has a built-in browser that runs web-based applications wirelessly. And it will do so exactly as they would run on a desktop PC.

A New Benefit for Business and Software Companies

There is a two-fold game-changer here. First, businesses of all types who need access to their web-based applications in the field, in the warehouse or any other place can simply purchase an iPad for those employees and, voila, they have it. Full access to the application wherever they are, for the cost of a cheap iPad and inexpensive wireless access through AT&T.

Second, software companies large and small will have a diminished need to provide versions of their applications for multiple mobile devices. They can simply inform their customers that an iPad purchase gives them full access to their program exactly as they use it at their desk.

Local Charlotte Companies Will Benefit

"Our users have been asking for this for years" said Chris Mele, CEO of CompanionCabinet Software, located in Charlotte, N.C. "The iPad will allow our customers' outside sales reps, service personnel, warehouse and delivery personnel and many others to have mobile access to our software wherever they are. And we don't have to worry about building smaller versions for mobile devices. It's a huge win for us and our customers."

Many other Charlotte business owners, knowing the previous rapid adoption and proliferation of productive applications for the iPhone, have no doubt as to what could happen for the business community with the new iPad device and its mobile capabilities.

Apple Will Lead Another New Segment

Next month Apple will be enabling a new segment of these types of mobile users that have never made the jump into mobile applications. Now they will be experiencing all the benefits for a cost of less than $500 for the Wi-Fi iPad, and $629 for the 3G version.

So business users, as well as consumers will be clamoring for these devices when they are released at the Charlotte Apple Store on April 3rd. Businesses will benefit from many web-based business applications that will be available, and consumers on everything from Apple's iWork, google applications to photos to movies and music or any of the over 100,000 iPhone apps.

If it's anything like the iPhone release, they'd better get there the night before or very early in the morning to get in line. It is highly expected that supplies will run out quickly.


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