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Apple iPhone 6 pics leaked: Photos add excitement to new iPhone release date

The iPhone 6 release date is generating a lot of excitement.
The iPhone 6 release date is generating a lot of excitement.
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Apple iPhone 6 pics have been leaked and it is generating more excitement ahead of the new iPhone 6 release date. These photos give a glimpse of what technology fans can expect and it appears that a new sleeker design is about to become public. According to a report from TMZ on Friday (Aug. 15), a phone was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China. This is where most of the models of the phone are produced, lending credence to the story being reported.

There still aren't a lot of details being released by the company or from the person that stole the phone from Apple. What has been stated is that the new model is "noticeably lighter" and that there is a new sensor located on the front of it. No report on exactly what that sensor is for has come out. The leaked images make the new phone appear attractive in its presentation, which will likely lead to a high number of sales during that first week of release. That's exactly what these companies love to hear.

Recent rumors indicate that the new iPhone 6 release date is set for Friday, Sept. 19. That's the date that it is expected to go on sale, but according to another report, Apple is planning a Sept. 9 launch event to introduce the iPhone 6. That will serve as a huge teaser for the public and it is at that point that many more pictures of the new model will inundate the internet. It's a familiar story, as this is what happens each time the company decides to update its product.

For now, the recently leaked Apple iPhone 6 pics are what people will have to go off of when considering a purchase of the product. It is likely that the phone will have a better (and larger) screen, that it will operate at a faster speed, and that it will have some new applications to entice customers. Beyond that, most of the secrets about the new release have been kept under wraps, but expect more rumors to come out before the purchase date finally hits.