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Apple iPhone 4S' SIRI knows more than people realize


Apple's coolest new technology called "Siri" is the iPhone 4S' personal assistant. It reacts to voice prompts of the iPhone user and can respond and react to many different commands. But not all iPhone 4S customers realize how much she REALLY knows.

Server Technology

Siri bounces commands off of Apple's servers, giving Apple the ability to update commands, responses and actions any time they wish. Many Apple iPhone 4S users have been lighting up the Internet with complaints that Siri frequently responds with "I cannot reach the server at this time", leaving the user with an unusable Siri. This glitch seems to have been resolved by Apple.

Siri Commands

Below are some of the things that Siri responds to and takes action on that everyone who has her (we'll assume she's female for this article) is probably familiar with:

- She can read you your texts or emails

- She can call, email or text anyone in your contacts (as you dictate)

- She can play music for you (by artist, song or playlist)

- She can setup a meeting for you and other contacts, and send them the invite

- She can remind you to do pretty much anything, at any time you tell her

- She can remind you things based on your location ("remind me to get milk when I leave work") by utilizing your GPS location

- She can give you directions to anywhere with GPS map

- She can tell you about the weather anywhere

- She can tell you stock prices

- She can set alarms for you (to wake you up or whatever)

- She can dictate a note for you and store it in iPhone Notes

- She can search the web for anything for you

Siri Less-Known Questions / Commands addition to these things that everyone knows about, she also responds to the following voice commands or questions [Siri's responses in brackets]:

- "I love you Siri" [SIRI: "I bet you say that to all your Apple products"]

- "Is Steve Jobs really dead?" [SIRI: "Apple doesn't tell me everything", or "I haven't a clue"]

- "Will you marry me?" [SIRI: "Let's just be friends, okay" Various responses to this]

- "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck" [SIRI: "That depends, are you talking about an African or European woodchuck" Various responses - also "Don't you have anything better to do?"]

- "What is your favorite color?" [SIRI: "Well, I don't know how to say it in your language. It's sort of greenish, but with more dimensions."]

The recognized questions and responses seem to be constantly changing, indicating that Apple developers are hard at work messing around with them.

It's likely that it will get less entertaining as Apple's servers get bombarded with crazy questions driven by curious users wondering what Siri will answer, like the question, "When is iPhone 5 coming?", to which Siri answers "Everything you need to know about Apple products is on". Huh, guess I don't need to know the answer to that one.

Thank you Siri ["your satisfaction is all the thanks I need"].


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