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Apple iPad on sale NOW, for Montrealers who can get it


If you're looking for something REALLY BIG, then this is the day it arrived.

Although it isn't scheduled to debut in Canada until late April, Apples new iPad went on general sale this morning in The USA, and Apple-happy Montrealers all over are finding ways to get their hands and mousey fingers on this latest, and possibly greatest, commercially marketed touchpad personal computer.

From taking the red-eye to rural US locations late Friday night to stand in line at shopping center computer stores, to actually hiring people through Craigslist to send one to them via courier mail, for a reasonable hiring fee one might suppose, there are tales abound by tech-savvy Apple pickers of the contortions they are putting themselves through to get hold of Steven Jobs latest little seedling.

Driving to Albany was NOT out of the question.

One of the most anticipated factors about the iPad to the gaming market is its impact on the portable gaming experience.

We all know the impact the iPod Touch and iPhone have had on portable gaming, especially for Apple products enthusiasts, and the iPad is notably engineered like their colossal cousin, but Apple has the idea of gaming squarely in mind by incorporating such features as dynamically positionable on-screen thumb controls for games, combined with Apples famous gyroscopic sensing ability.

If you thought driving a virtual vehicle or chasing the boss was an experience on the Touch, well, now, the iPad literally becomes the steering wheel and its touchscreen becomes a full-scale crosshair for your chaingun. All while walking in a public place, or sitting in a cafe with your favorite cup of java.

Don't do this while driving or operating heavy machinery!!

It's not the first touchpad tablet computer, and its got several downsides that Apple hasn't addressed in this first release edition, such as not being shipped with Flash, having no cameras and its lack of multitasking, but it might be the best one yet for the commercial consumer looking for something else besides a laptop, a smartphone, a PDA and a portable console.

Going BIG just got BIGGER!!

Gaming just found a new Pad!!

( Photo courtesy of Apple Computers )


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