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Apple, FBI confirms investigation into leaked Jennifer Lawrence nude photos

Jennifer Lawrence asks FBI to help find hacker
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The Jennifer Lawrence nude photos might be seen by millions, but the hacker who put the pictures in the eye of the public has yet to be determined. Don’t think this latest Hollywood scandal has gone unnoticed though as even on Labor Day the entertainment world is tracking down IP addresses to find the people involved. According to Recode on Monday, Apple is actively investigating how the iCloud might have been hacked and what accounts might have been compromised.

The hackers involved in the scandal that allegedly hacked over 100 users has a bigger problem than the corporate giant to consider. TMZ reports that the FBI confirmed on Monday afternoon they are actively involved in investigating the situation.

The Hollywood scandal might have died down as the social media giants like Twitter have pulled off the naked images, but there is an intense concern that the hackers will replace the images with new pictures that would be from the posted alleged master list. Looking to make sure that doesn’t happen, Hollywood executives are working on the national holiday to stop the pictures from being published. Bloggers are being warned not to publish photos and users of social media are being reminded of consequences if they share the private property.

Will the FBI find the hackers who leaked the photos? Apple plays a significant part in tracing the digital footprint of whomever is behind this scandal and the company might hold the biggest key to the equation to resolve this matter quickly. They probably can offer up an IP address to the FBI or the authorities where the computer is located.

Check back all day for continuous updates on this Hollywood scandal. We want to see the hackers brought to justice just as much as the fans so we are monitoring the situation closely and will offer any new updates as we find out.

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