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Apple Computer unveils new, affordable iMac

Apple Computer, the company that brought us iPhones and is known for its cutting edge technology, has unveiled a new iMac computer according to a Wall Street Journal article published on June 18, 2014.

Apple Computer

This all- new iMac retails for $1,099, which is about $200 less than the previous iMac of similar, entry- level quality. The lower price reflects Apple’s desire to make its iMac more affordable to the masses while still maintaining its minimum level of standards.

A $200 price reduction might seem unusual for a public company fighting for profits, but before potential buyers get too excited, they need to realize that Apple has made a few modifications to the new iMac in an effort to bring the cost down. First, at 1.4 gigahertz, the dual- core processor is slower. Second, the storage space is smaller, with only 500 gigahertz in its hard drive. Other features have been reduced in size/power/ability a little bit as well in order to cut the price to the desired level.

Still, even with the modifications, the new iMac maintains a 21.5 inch monitor and 9 gigabytes of RAM. And at $1,099 retail, it is still not the least expensive Apple computer on the market. The smaller MacBook Air is still less expensive and it remains the go- to computer for Apple seekers with limited cash.

Apple Computer’s chief competitor is, of course, Windows based pc’s. Whether or not the $200 reduction will be enough to bring Windows users to the Apple camp is anyone’s guess, but a $200 price cut is bound to make at least some difference. It will be interesting to see how/when the competition reacts.

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