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Apple approves drone attack tracking app

Apple iPhone apps
Apple iPhone apps
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple has moved into the controversy surrounding drones by approving an app that tracks drone attacks. Apple has finally approved a controversial drone strike iOS app after it was rejected multiple times from the App Store, reported Wall St. Cheat Sheet on Feb. 8, 2014. This app, called the Metadata+ app, gives historical and real-time information about U.S. drone strikes worldwide.

Josh Begley, a data artist and web developer, originally submitted the app in July of 2012 with the name Drones+. Initially Apple rejected the app, saying that it was “not useful or entertaining enough,” and “did not appeal to a broad enough audience.” In August 2012 Drones+ was rejected a second time when Apple objected to the lack of “associated Google branding” in the Google Maps images which were used in the app.

After several more rejections Begley submitted the Metadata+ app without any content. After the app was approved by the App Store review team, Begley than entered the data about drone strikes into the app. The description for this new app simply states, “Real-time updates on national security.”

Persistence has paid off for Begley, with Apple having finally approved his app that tracks every U.S. drone strike, reports Mashable. This app sends a push notification to users every time a U.S. drone carries out a deadly mission around the world. An app of this nature appears to have never been around before. Activists and terrorists alike should be interested in the Metadata+ app.