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Apple announces iPhone 4S

This picture of the iPhone 4S was briefly leaked on Apple's website this morning.
This picture of the iPhone 4S was briefly leaked on Apple's website this morning.

Apple announced the iPhone 4S today at their much hyped media event in Cupertino, California. New CEO TIm Cook took center stage and led the keynote as Apple’s newest wonder device.

Despite speculation as to what the name of the next generation iPhone would be, iPhone 4S won out. This makes sense as it appears very similar to the iPhone 4 in design. The screen is also the same size.

New features of the iPhone 4S include the A5 chip, the same processor used in the iPad 2. According to Apple Vice President Phil Shiller, This will allow for an unheard of level of graphics in such a small device. The A5 will also make the iPhone 4S seven times faster than the original iPhone.

The iPhone 5 will also run the iOS 5, Apple’s newest Operating System for iOS devices.

Shiller also said the iPhone 4S will also feature a dial antenna system that will allow for improved call quality. This is in direct response to the iPhone 4’s Antennagate problem. It will also be universal between GSM and CDMA, something Shiller and Apple call the “World Phone.”

Shiller went on to introduce the new eight megapixel camera, which will vastly improve the iPhone’s photographic ability. It will also have face detection and an faster shutter speed for action shots.

The improvements to the camera are not just to the photography side, the video camera will also be upgraded to 1080p on the iPhone 4S, according to Shiller.

But perhaps the most impressive addition to the iPhone 4S is the innovative Siri. Siri, is a virtual personal assistant powered by your voice commands. It is an intelligent program that responds to questions and commands.

For example, if you were to ask, “What is the weather like today?” Siri would respond “Here is the forecast for today,” and give you the forecast. You can also ask Siri for restaurant recommendations, or to look things up on Safari as well as send text messages.

The iPhone 4S will be available in three versions. The 16 GB version will be available for $199, the 32 GB version for $299 and the 64 GB version for $399. All of these deals require a two year contract. The iPhone 4S will be available for preorder on October 7, and will be released on October 14.


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