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Apple and Google make nice in patent wars

Apple and Google make nice in patent wars.
Apple and Google make nice in patent wars.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Apple and Google have agreed to a truce in the ongoing patent wars. All lawsuits have been dropped between the two companies. According to the Wall Street Journal on May 17, 2014, Google's Motorola unit sued Apple in 2010. Apple fired back by countersuing.

The suits trace back to before Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google in 2012. When Google bought the company, the suits followed. Google has since sold the devices unit to Lenovo and kept the patents for themselves. Before the truce was declared on Friday the two companies were fighting 20 lawsuits.

According to CNET on May 17, 2014, the two companies have dismissed all patent infringement lawsuits. Now the promise to work together more closely. This sounds just like old times when in years past the two rivals often worked together. Both compete for both talent and acquisition targets.

They will both work on patent reform, but their will be no sharing of licenses or patents at this time according to a joint statement issued by the companies.

Apple's high-profile lawsuit with Samsung continues on in the courts, unaffected by this decision.

Lately both Google and Apple have been the target of so-called patent trolls. A patent troll holds patents with the hope the a major company will some day infringe upon them. Once this happens, a lawsuit often ensues. In 2013 alone, both Apple and Google were named in nearly 100 lawsuits of this nature combined.

Apple and Google each own the two dominant mobile technology platforms today. Apple with it's iOS paired with iPhones and iPads vs. Google with Android, which works with a variety of manufacturers handsets.

Apple makes two-thirds of its sales from iPhones and iPads alone. Google's Android has surpassed iOS as the dominant mobile operating system. The future of mobile is truly at stake here.

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