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Applauding the Eagles

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Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles! I applaud them for their move of releasing their number one receiver. Owner Jeffrey Lurie and Coach Chip Kelly are to be commended even though many fans have already voiced their disapproval.

The move will probably hurt the Eagles on the playing field as a great athlete is gone but in this time of moral and social decay other sports organizations should step up and do the same by departing with those who are drug addicts, convicted criminals or those who have gang ties. Of course sports teams rarely have the balls to do so, because money is the bottom line.

The NFL also known as the National Felon League has had a long list of outlaws, past to present, from rapists and women beaters to drug dealers and even murderers. These criminal offenders are usually given reduced or no sentence at all and continue to play. There are too many examples to mention here and to list their names would only give more publicity to these thugs.

Speaking of money, a report issued the other day listed 20 Major League Baseball players with annual salaries between $20 and $28 million. (The average player salary is $4 million.) We praise and worship hundreds of coddled and over-priced professional athletes while bashing CEO’s (who make a mere million or two annually) of billion-dollar companies with control over thousands of employees.

Remember, there are around 50 million people living in poverty in the U.S. and 20% of the population is on food stamps.

People should wake up and stop patronizing the professional sports scene but they won’t. Too much money is spent on sports memorabilia, tickets and gambling by many who can’t afford do so in the first place.

Now with the possibility of college athletes unionizing and receiving pay, college athletics will never be the same. The negative of possibilities is overwhelming. What it will do is be the end of many watching NCAA sports, including this person.