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Applauding a One Stop Net Standby: The Rebirth of the Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo Homepage
Yahoo Homepage
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In the pre 2K years adolescence of the Internet when dial-up was standard, telecoms got in bed with search engine portals to dominate the market. Then and there, newbie net instinct was to stick with mom and pop connectivity and wait it out to see which monopoly gave you the best reason to switch. When Yahoo partnered with SBC, it was in transition as to whether it wanted to be a search engine, news portal, social media hub or all of the above. But by the time AT&T acquired SBC to power Yahoo, the stage was set for the development of the best homepage ever.

Rather than limit its users to a static wall of 24/7 news beat graphic headlines with few personal settings, the new AT&T Yahoo gave users multiple options to set the content and look of the homepage. This was nothing new except that most E home site entities doing it were small time operations that allowed more interactivity in order to compete. With few balanced designs, no one thought to streamline it so that the look and feel was more aesthetically and functionally pleasing. And only an upper right hand corner wiki above email or weather was saved for ad space.

Spring cleaning for a new style to perhaps coincide with the April 8th end of Windows XP support, AT&T Yahoo has reconfigured and updated its classic MyYahoo homepage to meet the demands of loyal consumers. Instead of dismissing it to opt for more ad busy homepages like competitors, it has stuck with a good thing and improved the page by digital leaps and bounds. The successful simplicity of it is based on a symmetrical compact layout of columns whose flow and placement are not interrupted by social media plug-ins, viral video or link advertising.

In effect, it's a builder's block homepage for those who like to set it according to their media tastes and interests to convey a sense of visual structure without being forced to settle for generic universal alternatives. While most all other designs don't allow one to pick, choose and filter content or color graphics, AT&T Yahoo has relied upon a past winning formula that it has reintroduced into the future of computing. This is one reason why the home search brand name thrives despite email bugs and questionable takeover acquisitions that may have plagued it in the past.

For a next step, they may be in the process of interconnecting everything in your digital life to your home page to save time on password entry, less clicks or fewer window tabs to surf in a more self-contained net space. However the homepage evolves hereafter, AT&T Yahoo has hit upon something the rest of the PC generation desperately needs to learn. That sometimes good ideas should be supported indefinitely and not thrown away to make room for something new to pad the bottom line. So if the one right hand corner ad remains, it's not a nuisance, but symbolic.